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Janine has been practicing and teaching yoga since 1997 and facilitating Yoga Teacher Training programs since 2012.  She  shares her wisdom of embodied learnings, and facilitates the students' own body-mind awakening through their direct experience... a powerful practice both in 1-1 tsetting and on the mat.  Currently resting in the UK after extensive international travel, Janine offers students and clients Virtual 1-1 sessions as an opportunity to delve deeper into their own body wisdom through an integrated approach of physical, emotional and mental balancing. 

She is especially interested in balancing divine masculine and divine feminine energies within the Sacred Heart space, this creates an ability to transverse realms of consciousness between the physical, emotional and mental patterning to realign the body-mind to optimal wellbeing. 

With a great passion for functional human movement, Janine has practiced yoga for over 23yrs as well as an avid climber, kitesurfer and freestyle mover, she has taught over 15,000 hours of yoga around the world.                                   


Janine is a 500hr Teacher Training Master Facilitator and draws from the following in her offerings:

More than 2000hrs of Yoga Training including Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley, Level 3 Power Vinyasa Baron Baptiste, 1000hrs of Embodied Flow and Somatic Movement with Tara Judelle and Dr Scott Lyons, Tantric Philosophy with Carlos Pomeda, Sally Kempton and Christopher Wallis, 1000hrs of Traditional Yoga studies with Georg  Fueurstein, Anasara with John Friend and ParaYoga Nidra with Rod Stryker. 


  • BSc Sport Science Honours Degree

  • Certified Mind Body Therapy Practitioner

  • Certified Somatic Movement Educator and Coach 

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval 

  • Energy Vortex and Chakra balancing 

  • Breath-work and Pranayama

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy Practices

  • Psychology and Limiting Belief integration

  • Facilitated Fascial release

  • Vipassana meditation and Tantric visualisation practices

  • End of Life Doula Advocate Training 

  • Body Mind Centering Practices

  • Non Violent Communication

  • TRE

  • Recovered Trauma Survivor and Trauma Therapy provider. 


private healing sessions

Janine supports and facilitates the somatic healing process through inner dialogue and focusing work together with energy and chakra balancing, reiki, fascial release, cranial-sacral therapy, body mind centring, re-birthing breath work,  tremor activation, shamanic soul retrieval and sound healing. 

She is skilled in guiding a recipient into their own body-mind and tuning into listening to the needs and requirements for healing to occur, as well as when the body has experienced enough for one session. 

Every session will be different, as every person is different. If you are ready to relief and lightness then book a session below. If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact Janine directly. 

Virtual Sessions include a blend from the following modalities

Somatic Parts work, Somatic Internal Family Systems, Focusing, Inner dialogue, Presencing, Mindfulness, Meditation, Cognitive processing, Rebirthing Breathwork, Chakra balancing and Empathetic Resonancing 

What clients are saying about theses sessions:

"At the onset of my first online session with Janine, I felt lighter, like jumping with joy and laughing alone aloud. The source of fresh aliveness in me had been watered by her precise, open, gentle guidance and attunement, so much so that I was wary of becoming addicted to our sessions –or rather, to Janine. My inner child sensed the possibility of a secure attachment and the possibility of deeper, authentic, connection. By our 3rd session, the excitement had quietly settled while the awe and gratitude remain as we work together on what lies beneath the surface of my daily life and practice, the old buried suffering, the habitual dissociation of CPTSD and childhood trauma. 

Janine works with quiet but expert focus on both the somatic 'bottom up' and the cognitive 'top-down' dimension of being, listening deeply, encouraging softly and allowing for all the emotions and sensations to be cared for, felt, and acknowledged. Regulation and release come immediately in the very safe, warm and secure space she holds. She seems to have a very vast knowledge of the body and mental processes of stress and trauma. Through her simple presence and way of being and relating to me, moment by moment, she expresses in the most natural and effortless way what could yet be an enormous mountain of experience and training. Thank you so much, Janine. I did not dream I could find such a skilled and humane therapist. This sense of trust, at this stage of my life, is in itself an immense gift" -

Nawang Jinpa, MA, Buddhist nun


yoga teacher training


This Internationally accredited 200hr Teacher Training Program will immerse you into the foundational aspects of all that Yoga is.  Janine specialises in advanced methods of facilitation so that you, the student, are able to embody and 'upload' experiences and materials for rapid and integrated learning. 


You will be introduced to the history of yoga with intense personal development to prepare you, the student, for the role as teacher.


The course focuses on an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of yoga postures, hands-on assisting, understanding sequence structure and counter-pose, yoga physiology, and living philosophy. The focus and point of difference in Janine's delivery is that the emphasis is on your experiential and embodied learning. The Truth of Yoga can ultimately only be felt as an individuals experience. This is the realisation process that we live and model in the 200hr program and for life.


We guide you in the development of a sadhana practice including meditation, kriyas, and pranayama. We also take a brief look at the energy body, holding space for healing, develop non-violent communication and invitational language for trauma sensitive classes and so much more.
The course is lead by Janine Leagh, Master facilitator, and will be assisted by Senior Yoga teachers and guest faculty for impactful learning. All facilitators will present in the subject matter to which they are experts in their field of study, e.g. yoga philosophy, anatomy & physiology, etc.


This is a deep dive into the world of yoga, and a course that delivers the foundation for a lifetime of experiences.

Please email for more information

What are you waiting for?

Upcoming Programs 2022

April 2022 -10 day intensive over Easter  plus 4x alternate weekends.  Soul Fire Studios, Sheffield UK



The 300hr post-graduate program is made up of 6 modules. You must complete a 200hr foundational training prior to these modules but they are open to all graduates of any training style.These modules can be undertaken in any order and as stand-alone CEC units. 

MODULE #1: EMBODIED YIN YOGA 50hrs plus 25hrs Virtual theory sessions 

In this training you will develop an ability to see and teach through multiple lenses of focused awareness, with special attention on TCM Elements, organs and Meridian pairs. Janine has studied with yin yoga creator, Paul Grilley, and has studied somatic methods with Dr Scott Lyons.  Please email for more information


This training takes us on a deep, internal journey into the body,  Conscious transitions,  Cellular Breatt, developmental movement patterns in yoga, the archetecture of the bones , Flow state and fluid movement, Diaphragms and Bandhas

Please email for more information


 Alchemists are contemplative researchers versed in the science of personal transformation and the art of inner magic . 

This course will be dedicated to facilitating transformative, progressive classes, workshops and retreats.Include methodologies and practices to bring the student into an embodied experience, practical skills for advanced sequencing, assisting and in the community for specific populations, developing and integrating  a sadhana practice and the ethical business practice. 

Please email for more information


Includes Non-Violent Communication and Trauma informed languaging, the role of Poly-Vagal Theory and practices, the triune brain and trauma, the role of stress and the window of tolerance and how to build resilience through intelligent integration of the above. 


Includes Contemplative Psychology, Non-Dual Tantra practices and theming, weaving philosophy and matching the theme to the asana practice. 


Includes 10hrs of 1-1 Virtual coaching and presenting sessions, 5hrs of Virtual Classroom, 10hrs of guided individual project and research such as teaching programs, workshops, retreats etc. 

Upcoming Programs 2021/2022

Mentorships - Ongoing Online - Please enquire 



Embodied Being Vinyasa   

Embodied Yin 

Embodied Philosophy 

Stress, Trauma and Neuroscience

Sacred Alchemy - Progressive. transformative teaching


 workshops and events

Janine offers a variety of workshops, including Embodied Flow™, Shamanic energy practices, as well as transformational yoga.


If you're a yoga studio that would like to find out more about her workshop offerings, please contact Janine below to receive an email with details and descriptions. Janine can also tailor or create bespoke workshops specific to your student's needs or requests.

If you're interested in deepening your personal yoga practice, Janine offers 1-on-1 sessions in vinyasa, hatha, embodied flow, or yin. Please click the booking button below to find out more and book yourself in.



You are magic Janine, perfectly imperfect, quirky and kind, authentic and relatable, fiery and fluid, just all of it wrapped up in a beautiful human being. 

I know you said maybe you should renovate houses, and I mean I can only imagine you’d be great at doing that too, but please don’t ever stop renovating souls and lives.

Thank you so so very much for that limiting core beliefs weekend and both the exercise we did and the chat about body image we had. I’ve had so much pain and confusion around all of that stuff.

I’ve always felt so frustrated by not understanding why I struggled so much to step outside my comfort zone in travel or adventure when I remember once being so courageous, independent and fearless.  I truly felt like you took my inner child that day in your hands and gave her a little torch to use in the darkness.


I feel like you showed me the seeds that had been planted about not being safe or loved and that at anytime I can plant new ones, and I can feed those seeds with my words and my actions to make them outgrow the not so helpful ones. 

It’s been the most freeing experience I have ever felt. I love myself more than I think I ever have in my entire life. And what a priceless gift that is. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I will always hold your magic soul in my heart. 

Natalie Bourke, Nutritionalist, Thyroid Healer

April, 2018

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