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10 day juice cleanse

The ancient yogis included cleansing and purification or 'Kriyas' as an

important part of their practice. Whilst some of their methods could be

considered quite extreme they all serve a very beneficial purpose. We've

adopted a more gentle, modern day approach.

The 3 day fruit feast is a thrice yearly event on my calendar, nicely wrapped

up in the 40 day program and supported by all the community its quite a

simple challenge

So... in order to experience the experience and push my comfort zone I decided to look a little deeper into cleansing this time.

To be quite honest - I never once said to myself 'oh I know I'll do 10 days of

juice fasting'..... No, the rebel inside me would have started screaming at such

an idea, so to pacify this voice I simply started with 3 days. At the end of 3

days, I decided to do 2 more, and the end of the 5 days I just opted for 5

more. Simple, baby steps.

Fortunately for me I had a wonderful understanding consult in Melanie from Detox Delivered. My busy schedule ( cough cough **ahem - read - lazy in the kitchen) gave me the perfect excuse to get the entire program hand made and home delivered - every day! Definitely the best part of the 10 days!

To give you a little background, before my yoga practice I really did try every

way possible to smash up my body through various extreme sports and

ridiculous eating habits. I lived high adrenalin and high energy (sugar and

caffeine mostly) for a good 20yrs, from about the age of 14yrs. At 16yrs I was

fist told I'd ruined my knees and my lumbar vertebrae and have regularly been

told since I'd most likely not be able to walk and be in a wheelchair by the age

of ... ( insert various ages by which I've surpassed all of them thanks to yoga!).

I digress, but essentially I'd like to say that I still live with joint pain in some

form, most days........ Except days 5-10 of the juice fast. Amazing!

Here's my experience in note form:

Day 1 - Usual, slight headache, some bloating mid afternoon, feeling a bit

deprived so avoid any foodie places. I fill up on the provided teas and

supplements and take time.

Day 2 - Easy breezy, feel lighter already. Some craving around my 'comfort'

time of days - evenings.

Day 3 - As this juice includes vegetables and nut milk I dont experience the

same type of lightness I did on the fruit feasts, the minerals and denser nut

milks keep me feeling grounded and earthy. I also received a healing treatment on this day and decided to rest from exercise for 6 days.

Day 4 to 7 - I started to notice that I'm waking up bright and breezy and feeling

rested (this is the first time in just over a year with adrenal fatigue - go


Day 7 - Returning to a my hot power yoga practice - WOW Super charged! I

cant believe how strong, energized and full of clear intention I was! Must say that this was the first really HUNGRY day I experienced, maybe from the extra enthusiastic practiced I probably could have benefited from an avocado supplement that night.

Day 8 - Another super strong and charged day, another hot power practice

and again, light and strong. No joint achy feeling and I could feel the

inflammation reduced dramatically in my digestive system.

Day 9 - I cannot find it within me to be angry, frustrated, or upset about

anything at all - none, no where. Only love for all beings and all things. The

alkaline effect of the juice also reduces the fire. Anger and fire (acidic,

proceed foods and stimulants (sugar, red meat, caffeine etc.) go together. I've

always felt this on both the fruit feast and now in the juice fast. For me, this is

the greatest benefit.

Day 10.... Just to complete the process fully, Zhenya books me for a colonic

hydrotherapy treatment to ensure I get a full service clean.  In her words, I'm

now 'squeaky clean'.

In summary and moving forward, I do really real that I've undergone a deep

healing within, and for that reason, I'll add the 10 day juice cleanse to my calendar

every year.

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