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10 days of silence

Many of you have asked about my experience at Vipassana Meditation

Centre during the Christmas period and I thought much about how to put the

silence into words.

Just to set the scene for those of you unsure of the conditions of the

challenges faced, here are the vipassana 10 day rules:

1) No talking

2) No contact with either sex ( male and female areas were completely


3) No eye contact

4) No reading/writing/electronics/phones or contact with the outside world


5) 2 Vegetarian meals per day

6) No exercise/yoga etc., light walking only

7) You must sit in meditation for 3 - 4 sessions per day, during each of the

sessions there was 1 hour of determined meditation, which meant no moving

for the 1 hour

My Taxi driver on the way in gave the soundest advice - after 30 vipassanas(!)

his advice was Firstly - Don’t leave and Secondly - Don't leave!

The daily schedule was the same everyday, as little distraction as possible so

you could fully be with yourself and only yourself.

4am - morning bell

4.30-6.30am meditation 

6.30-8am breakfast 

8-11am Meditation 

11-1pm Lunch 

1-5 Meditation 

5-6pm Tea break 

6-9pm Evening discourse and meditation 

9.30pm - Lights out!

Day One - Ahhhhhh lovely, No phone, quiet, sleep, sleep , sleep

Day Two - Arrrrghhhhh No phone! Oh its sooo noisy here, noise noise noise -

why is it so loud? Where is that noise coming from, buzzing buzzing buzzing?

it's everywhere I go! I cant get away from it..... oh... its in my head....

Day Three - Pain, Pain oooo So much pain! Want to move - oh why cant we

move - anger, noise, irritation, oh so itchy - is that a bug crawling across my

face, not allowed to move ..... fight fight fight., fight??....... Surrender.....


Day Four - Bliss, quiet, calm,......... Anger? ... ANGER!! Cant sleep Cant sleep

Cant Sleep

Day Five - Pain?? What is this Pain?? No one else looks like they have pain,

I'm guessing the culture, job, voice and thoughts of the other meditators. The lady sitting behind me always looks so comfortable, she almost has a campsite type set up for meditation! So much equipment ... jealousy?

Day Six - No Pain??? Now what? bored bored bored. I know I can hand wash

my clothes! LOL, ah yes, that’s something to DOoooo!

Day Seven - Space... nurture, choice, clean, eat slowly, move consciously,

see clearly. BE.

Day Eight - What Day is it? Did Christmas happen? What is Christmas really?

Nothing changed here... the trees look the same - how they move gracefully

with the wind and turn their faces to the sun. There is no time here, just the

rise and fall of the sun, like a giant breath in and a giant exhale at the end of

the day.

Day Nine ... On this day I am actually really unsure if its the last day or not!

Trying to count out in my head but have lost track. Decide to let go of the

need to know and enjoy the simplicity of each moment. In that instant my

body and mind returned to one place, a place of stillness and calm. I noticed

today how quickly my finger nails and hair had grown and how clear my skin

seems. I'm aware that my old twitches and habits have subsided and a feeling

of ease reigns. M E D I T A T I O N


Day Ten!  A Blissful morning meditation, I can feel the higher vibrations in the

room as we send out happiness and love for every living being. Today, after

morning meditation,  we are allowed to talk to each other yet I found I wanted

the quiet for just a little longer and stayed in the meditation hall. Eventually  ....

I open my mouth to speak ...... after a croaky start this very strange voice

comes out... whose voice is that?! It most definitely is not the one I've been

listening to in my head all week!  
As we all share our experiences, it was no

real surprise that we had all been on the same journey and all felt like we

must be the only one with pain, questions and resistance.  A solid lesson

once again in the unity of mankind. We are essentially all the same. 

The Journey back......On the train into Sydney I notice just how noisy our

world is and how jam packed we fill our lives with 'stuff', doing and having.

The art of simply 'Being' has somehow gotten lost. I resolve to sit in meditation daily to nurture the seed that had being planted in the vipassana centre and to bring the fruits of that meditation to the studio and to the people in my life for the benefit of all.

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