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the awakened body

Science Meets Philosophy Meets Living Body Wisdom

What is the Awakened Body? (In a nutshell)

“The same insane forces that exploded the stars, the planets, the

infinite galaxies into existence, that conspired to create the entire animal

kingdom out of a soupy mass of cells that self organized into jellyfish,

manta rays, moray eels and you — is never not living and existing in

you. When you relax, the system works to its best capacity to let you be


And aliveness is, in and of itself, awake. When you move into the felt

sense of your living essence, your body lives happier” – Tara Judelle,

creator of EmbodiedFlow TM

How does science meet philosophy, then meets living body wisdom?

This triad brings an unusual melding of scientific evidence, the scriptures that have

guided yogis for centuries but have had no regard in science and the wisdom of the

one and only true source… our own living body experience. When these three are

moving in unison, suddenly, all the planets align and the experience unfolds into a

series of ‘AH HA’ moments.

How does the Awakened Body connect with yoga?

Every cell in our 37 trillion plus, is living and breathing. It metabolises, exchanges

oxygen and is consciousness. Once we can drop into the mind of the matrix of cells

that make different systems in the body we can ‘awaken’ to these from a non-

thinking, experiential body-mind. Awakening or enlightenment is and has always

been the realm of the yogis.

What attracted me to the Awakened Body theory

What attracted me and had my brain explode into stardust is that there is no

theory, none at all. No telling, no books, no ‘information’ as such. This is pure,

living , breathing, experience of no-thinking movement directly fro the body

itself. It is not something I can express well enough because only an

individuals own experience can lead them to truth.

How do I implement it in my daily life and yoga practice?

My personal yoga practice both deepened and shifted a few thousand gears, I

started moving in ways I hadn’t experience since childhood, and it came from a deep

remembering. Learning to check in and feel the resonance of different systems and

organs and allowing my muscles to simply become the means for expression,

creates movement for which I can but witness in astounded silence. At first my

practice became slower and I learned to ‘sit back’ and experience but with practice,

just like any ‘new’ learning is becomes more efficient and quicker.

Final thoughts

I believe this is part of our evolution, to move from a luminous, awakened

body is to evolve beyond the limitation of that which we already know. It is to move

into the unknown, move from grace and consciousness and have your thinking brain

be the last to know about it. It is to Evolve. As yogis yes, but most importantly, as


There has never been a you in reaction to this earth before. And there

never will be again. Unless you know the truth for yourself, from your

own living experience, you are living someone else’s experience. This is

true in all aspects, Yoga asana is no different. We must re-learn how to

move from our own body’s felt sense to be truly whole.

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