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what do i have to offer?

What do I have to offer the world if I'm not rich, smart, or good looking?

As a teenager, I remember a male friend of mine telling me why he was single…

“I just don’t have anything to offer a girl, I’m not rich, smart or good looking...

Once I’ve made some money, then I’ll have a girlfriend.”

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my adolescent brain decided that that was me

too. Oh, I can’t have a great boyfriend/man/partner because I’m not rich, smart

or sexy enough… what do I have to offer?

For the next 10 years or so I worked incredibly hard to get all of those things, and

mimic exactly what I thought I should look like, dress like, act like, earn, say, etc. etc…

And in some sense, it worked to a degree. I attracted smart, handsome, rich (not

all together haha) men, but there was one thing in common with all of them - they were as phoney as I was.

It took another 10 years to work hard at undoing all those beliefs and find the

true riches, beauty and intelligence within…. Or so I thought.

Recently I discovered that I have still been playing that tape in my head. Only this

time with regards to being a yoga teacher on a grand scale… my mind plays out

this crazy story… Oh I’m not pretty enough, my body isn’t fit enough, I don’t

have cool poses to show off, I’m not rich enough to buy my way in….. even as I

write this I’m laughing at how silly that sounds!!!

Did you ever want to do something but thought you weren’t ‘insert adjective’


The beautiful part of true yoga is that you see that you are more than enough,

always. Having things, or having no-things is irrelevant to this fact.

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